OIM launches MigrantApp, the first application for migrants in Mesoamerica

5 October, 2017

San Jose . IOM, the United Nations Agency for Migration, launched MigrantApp, the first pilot of MigApp, a global effort to provide information that facilitates regular, safe and orderly migration. MigrantApp provides reliable, rapid, safe and free information in three languages on governmental, private and civil society services, that assist migrants.

MigrantApp facilitates access to information on more than 1500 georeferenced centers where migrants can receive assistance or information. The application provides information, alerts, and options to answer mini surveys in a safe manner, thus, improving migrant management.

´´Mesoamerica is one of the main migratory corridors in the world. Yet, the necessary information that migrants need to migrate in a regular, dignified and safe manner is disperse. Reaching truthful information is a challenge, mainly due to the wide amount of misleading information, usually generated by smugglers. The application´s objective is to bring the correct information closer to the migrant people that need it´´, explained Marcelo Pisani, Regional Director of IOM Central America, North America, and the Caribbean.

´´MigrantApp offers easy to use and free information, including trustworthy facts that were corroborated with the institutions and organizations that offer migratory procedure, health, employment, security, and others services included in the application, in order to respect the human rights of migrants´´, mentioned Alexandra Bonnie, Regional Coordinator of IOM´s Mesoamerica Program, the project that developed this initiative.

The confidentiality of user’s information is based on IOM´s data protection principles. In addition, each user can decide if it authorizes the application to use the GPS in their mobile device.

MigrantApp is initially available for download at Google Play for Android devices. Apple device users will be able to download the application at their virtual store in October. The application can also be found at following web address: www.vengasdedondevengas.com  

MigrantApp was developed in the framework of IOM´s Mesoamerica Program, financed by the Bureau of Population, Refugees and Migration of the Department of State of the United States of America. The objective of the program is to strengthen capacities for safe, orderly, and regular migration.

For further information please contact Jorge Gallo at the IOM Regional Office for Central America, North America and the Caribbean, Email: jgallo@iom.int, Tel: +506 2212-5300




¿What information and services does MigrantApp offer?

  • Protection and Assistance: information on health centers, consulates and embassies, migration offices, human right protection centers, as well as centers that offer shelter. It also includes information regarding training and employment, specific assistance for vulnerable groups of people such as women, children and victim of trafficking in persons, as well as assistance programs for migrant people.
  • Migration information:  information on the requirements to enter countries in Mesoamerica for 27 nationalities.
  • Remittances: compares the options available for migrants to send money.
  • My route: option that allows users to share their route in real time, in a private manner, with anyone they approve.
  • News: updated relevant information about migration on the news of the country in which the migrant is, alerts in case of emergencies such as hurricanes of epidemics and events in the area.