Discover materials to learn about migration and its contexts, as well as about migrants’ needs.

What does it mean to be a man?

A group of migrant men discuss what is expected from them because they are men. Discover the reflections they bring to the table, to brake the stigmas they have been carrying. This video was created as part of the campaign A thousand ways to be a man, created by the Response for Venezuelans platform. Visit athousandwaystobeaman.org for more information.

A migrant's suitcase: icebreaker activity

A useful resource for breaking the ice in talks or trainings related to migration and integration issues, promoting empathy towards migrants.

Woman and her daugther arrive at the Migration offices in Costa Rica

Crushing myths about migration regularization

A woman listens to her neighbors' advice before deciding to look for official sources on regularization. This campaign was produced in Costa Rica, in collaboration with the binational community of La Carpio, and through the IOM X methodology.

Two neighbors talk on the street

Broken communication: mistakes by word of mouth

Discover what happens when people in a community get informed through rumors instead of going to the official sources. This video was created in Costa Rica in collaboration with the community of La Carpio, following the IOM X methodology. Learn more at: www.somoscolmena.info/es/cr

Aware Migrants

An IOM project that gathered testimonies from African migrants who tried to reach Europe, as well as success stories. The site includes information about the risks of irregular migration and alternatives to it.

'The Backway Theatre' Self-Guided activity

The Backway Theatre is an innovative pedagogical tool designed for raising awareness around irregular migration among young potential migrants. It is aimed at students aged 13 to 18 years old, primarily for those on the way to completing their secondary studies. This activity should be implemented by IOM in collaboration with migrant returnees, who will serve as the facilitators who carry out the activity in schools around the country. 

Young filipino shows his family landap, which he saved as he migrated

Holding on: stories of people displaced within their own countries

Discover the real stories of people who had to leave their homes behind and start over. This IOM site gathers portraits of internally displaced persons; that is, of people who have migrated within their countries of origin.

Male and exploited? – an unknown reality (Podcast)

This 15-minute podcast explores men's vulnerabilities to trafficking in persons, and the social norms that make them silent about their plight.

Young man with headphones listens to whatsapp audio

Jose gets a chance to travel

Have you ever had a really easy chance to migrate? #ThinkTwice and learn to identify fake offers, like Jose did. Visit Somos Colmena to learn more.This is an IOM campaign, created in collaboration with communities in El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala, using the OIMX methodology.

Young woman walks through town with her phone in her hand. She will be offered a fraudulent job

María finds an amazing job offer

A new job opportunity will always thrill you, but #ThinkTwice! It could be a trap. Visit Somos Colmena to learn more. This is an IOM campaign, created in collaboration with communities in El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala, using the OIMX methodology.