27 April, 2021

Dominican Republic starts pilot design of border inhabitant card to identify merchants on the border with Haiti

The Dominican Republic initiated a pilot plan for a program to identify border inhabitants coming from the Republic of Haiti. This plan will create a sustained policy of formalization, organization and modernization of the daily entry processes of small traders from Haiti, with the objective of strengthening migration control and establishing institutional normality for small border commerce.

26 April, 2021

New Information Hub on Migration opens in San Luis Potosi, the eighteenth in Mexico

The city of San Luis Potosí became today the eighteenth place in Mexico from which the International Organization for Migration (IOM) and municipal authorities will offer updated and truthful information for migrants to carry out their migratory processes in an informed, regular and safe manner.

21 April, 2021

IOM Strengthens Information Services of the General Directorate of Migration and Aliens in Costa Rica

To provide adequate care to migrants who use the information services of the General Directorate of Migration and Aliens (DGME) in the context of emergency due to COVID-19, the International Organization for Migration (IOM) in Costa Rica donated equipment that will facilitate access to reliable information validated by the users of this institution. 

21 April, 2021

Panama expands border security services to guarantee migrants' rights

With the graduation ceremony of its first 150 members on April 19, Panama celebrated the creation of the new Humanitarian Border Security Unit (USFROH). This new unit, which will form part of the Chucunaque Battalion, is the humanitarian arm of the National Border Service (SENAFRONT) and will provide security for migrants, as well as preventive patrols, first aid, rescue and location of people lost in the jungle, as well humanitarian assistance.

19 April, 2021

RCM Member Countries initiate activities of the Working Group on Labour Migration with support from IOM and ILO

The Government of Mexico, as Pro-Tempore Chair of the Regional Conference on Migration (RCM), with the support from IOM and ILO promoted an exchange to support the design, implementation and follow-up of labour migration mechanisms within the framework of this multilateral forum. The exchange is the first part of the "Conversation for the exchange of good practices in the recruitment and labour protection of migrants".

16 April, 2021

More than 30 Information Hubs shared their experiences in providing support to migrants


In recent months there has been a substantial increase in migration flows from Central America to North America, making it increasingly necessary to expand the coverage of secure information channels. Chief among these are the migration information hubs, which in the first quarter of 2021 alone, reported to IOM to have assisted more than 12,000 people in Belize, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico and the Dominican Republic.   


16 April, 2021

IOM promotes better management of local cross-border migration in northern Central America


Mobility restrictions due to covid-19 have had a direct effect on migratory flows, due to border closures and quarantine measures, as well as isolation and social distancing. For this reason, the International Organization for Migration (IOM) organized the II Exchange of Experiences between Local and Cross-border Networks of El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras.


14 April, 2021

IOM interactive map will connect migrants with diaspora support

The International Organization for Migration (IOM) launched an interactive map that will allow migrants to identify diaspora organizations and the support services they can provide. Since the map will be a live resource, IOM has provided a link where organizations wishing to be indexed can fill out a form and include their basic information. 

12 April, 2021

IOM engages with labour sector stakeholders to outline future actions in Guyana

The International Organization for Migration (IOM) participated in a webinar on Labour and Migration in Guyana, hosted by the American Chamber of Commerce Guyana. Participants reviewed actions conducted alongside the Government of Guyana in the area of labour migration in recent times. In the near future, IOM will be releasing two reports that cover labour migration: the Migration Governance Needs Assessment and the Guyana labour study entitled Planning for Prosperity: Labour Migration and Guyana’s Emerging Economy.  

30 March, 2021

700 officials from Mexico's National Employment Service join IOM's training program on labour migration


Through a training program implemented by the International Organization for Migration, more than 700 officials from Mexico's National Employment Service (SNE) updated their knowledge of the country's migratory context and the challenges faced by migrants in joining the labour market.