25 August, 2023

IOM promotes cross-sectoral dialogue on ethical recruitment as key to guaranteeing rights of migrant workers

SAN JOSÉ, COSTA RICA. 25 August 2023. As part of the “Program to Strengthen Ethical Recruitment Practices and Capacity Building for Relevant Actors” in El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and Costa Rica, IOM completed a series of efforts focused on ethical recruitment, prevention of smuggling and trafficking of migrant workers, human rights and protection, and regulation of the hiring process in a cross-border migration context.

23 August, 2023

Governments from Central America and the Caribbean strengthen their capacity building and coordination for better management of labour migration in the region

PANAMA CITY, 23 August 2023. Member countries of the Regional Conference on Migration (RCM) participated this month in the "Workshop on labour market information systems and labour migration statistics" in Panama City. This event was followed by the "Workshop on the Construction of the Operational Plan of the Regional Action Plan on Labour Mobility" as a preparation for the implementation of the Regional Action Plan on Labour Mobility 2023 - 2027.