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Close up portrait of Dennis, a Salvadoran migrant in transit

Testimony of an Assisted Voluntary Return

Dennis, a Salvadoran who left in one of the migrant caravans, is one of the 453 people who, between November 4 and 28, 2018, returned to their country with the support of IOM, upon encountering a strong police and legal barrier to cross the border to the United States.

Plane on tarmac, illustrative image

Assisted Voluntary Return Program Report - November 2018

IOM’s voluntary assisted return program aims to achieve the voluntary, orderly and humane return of migrants who can not or do not wish to remain in their host countries and wish to voluntarily return to their country of origin. Since November 4th, with PRM support, IOM has provided voluntary return assistance to 453 people, of which 25 are unaccompanied migrant children