Migrating Towards Respect: migrants educational fair in Guatuso, Costa Rica

Costa Rica
5 December, 2018


Guatuso, Costa Rica. On Saturday October 20, the fair "Migrating Towards Respect" was held in San Rafael de Guatuso. It used the hashtag #NadieEsExtraño (No one is a stranger) to create a cultural space for promoting the inclusion of migrants in the area.  The activity is an initiative of the Commission for Migration Flows of the Republic of Costa Rica, which intends to hold other similar fairs in 13 cantons in the country.

During the activity, information and orientation were provided to migrants, the Public Force recruited Border Police personnel, and there were activities for children, exhibitions of local products, artistic activities, and more, which encouraged social cohesion in a canton that receives a heavy influx of migrants.

The International Organization for Migration (IOM) collaborated on the fair through its Regional Migration Program (Mesoamerica Program), as did organizations such as the Ministry of Public Safety, the General Directorate of Migration, and the Civic Center for Peace.

"In a previous tour of the northern region, we spoke with the Mayor of Guatuso and decided that an activity of this type was necessary to share the values that characterize this canton," stated Epsy Campbell, Vice President of Costa Rica.

On her part, Isis Orozco, the national coordinator of the Regional Migration Program in Costa Rica said that "these types of activities are a good opportunity to foster respect for the diversity that makes up our country, and in this case specifically for migrants, who have the right to integrate into communities in a positive way."