Health Organizations in Chiapas Improve Medical Support for Migrants

12 June, 2018


Mexico. The Secretariat of Health, Health Jurisdiction VII of Tapachula, Doctors of the Word France (MdM), and the United Nations' Organization for Migration (IOM) held on May 4, 2018 the third session of a presentation of the Health Care Flowchart for Migrants, developed in Chiapas.  This tool aims to strengthen migrants’ health care access.

Since 2016, IOM has worked in close collaboration with JSVII and MdM France to promote spaces for dialogue and coordination to improve health care for migrants entering Mexican territory. A plan for health care for migrants needed to be created through these cooperative spaces, as a technical tool for facilitating understanding of rights, procedures, and requirements in accordance with the legislation of Chiapas and Mexico.

The training days were carried out with participants from civil society, public officials, and directors of JSVII health centers in Chiapas, in order to strengthen response capacities with regard to health and migration as well as to improve the coordination between the institutions and organizations that provide assistance to migrants in this Mexican state.

Misinformation among migrants in Mexico regarding their rights, as well as a lack of knowledge among public service providers regarding the existing programs serving this population continue to be a challenge. The Regional Mesoamerica Program of IOM seeks to improve States’ responses with regard to protection for migrants in vulnerable situations and promotes coordination with local initiatives.