The Government of El Salvador joins C4D campaign “Pensalo 2 veces” to prevent false offers related to migration.

El Salvador
10 February, 2021


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of El Salvador joined the campaign “Pensalo 2 veces” (Think twice), as they identify in the campaign a tool for the prevention of irregular migration, human trafficking, and other crimes.  


The campaign was presented by the Chancellery to the Presidential House, who approved its dissemination in the official social media accounts of the Chancellery and other Government institutions such as: the General Directorate of Migration and Immigration, the National Council for Children and Adolescents, National Institute of Youth, Ministry of Education, Science and Technology and Attorney General of the Republic, institutions that have locally supported the construction and implementation of the campaign.   


This campaign was developed with the communication for development (C4D) methodology adapted to the context of the pandemic in 2020. The content was created together with 6 communities of El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras; following the IOM baseline assessments that showed that the uncertainty related to the context of the pandemic increases the risk of young people to fall into fake offers and information, and trafficking in persons or migrant smuggling.  


Additionally, the campaign was adopted by the Regional Conference on Migration last year. Think twice was created by IOM’s Western Hemisphere Program, with funding from the U.S. Department of State Bureau of Population, Refugees and Migration. Read the campaign brief here.